Application Requirements
- High school graduates (They are eligible only for the Korean Language Program or the regular undergraduate courses.
  Only university graduates are eligible for the graduate courses.)
- International students or Korean nationals abroad
Required Documents
Required Documents Regular Courses (D-2) Language Students (D-4)
from Abroad
Transfer within the Country Admission
from Abroad
Transfer within the Country
5 Photos (3 by 4 cm) O O O O
Application Form for Admission (downloadable) O O O O
** Official High School transcript and diploma
(or expected date of graduation)
** Diploma (or completion certificate)
and transcript of previously attending university
Transcript and Certificate of Attendance from the previous school in Korea   O   O
Statement of Bank Balance of over $18,000 O O    
Statement of Bank Balance of over $9,000     O O
Passport O O O O
Alien Registration Card   O   O
Copy of Parent's ID, **Family Register Certificate, Birth Certificate O   O  
Sponsor's Financial Affidavit (Parent's Employment Certificate and Income Certificate) O   O  
Health Examination Result O O O O

- The application form can be downloaded from > Admission
- All documents submitted will not be returned.
  ** Documents must be verified by the Korean Embassy to his/her country or Embassy of his/her country to Korea or Apostille
Application Process
Application Form & Required Documents Submission -> Admission Process (Test and Interview) ->
Issuance of Certificate of Admission -> Visa Application -> Fees Payment -> Matriculation
Key Reminders
- Applicants cannot apply for two majors at the same time. (In the case of D-2)
- The application form will not be processed for admission in case that the applicant does not meet the deadline.
- All documents submitted should be the original copy. (Copies of the original of some documents may be acceptable.)
- The name of the applicant shown in the documents must be the same as the name on the passport.
- The applicant will be disqualified for admission in case of incomplete submission of the required documents.
- Admission will be cancelled in case that the applicant is found to forge or change official documents, or to be involved
  in unfair admission practice.
- Admission will be cancelled in case that the applicant is disqualified for visa application.
- The addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers of the applicant's alma maters shown on the documents should be reachable
  for verification.
Contact Information
- Office of International Students, Y'sU(Wise U: Youngsan University)
   Tel : 051-540-7028
   Fax : 051-540-7026
   E-mail :
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