Educational Goals
The graduate course of Beauty Art, taking the initiative in the beauty art industry in Busan, aims to train students as beauty art experts and professionals in the beauty art education who are well versed in theory and practical skills and to contribute to the development of the beauty art industry. The teaching faculty consist of renowned professors nation-wide and experts in the fields of hair, makeup, skin care, and beauty design.
- The school offers courses on advanced beauty art theories and techniques by the beauty art master professor and field experts.
- The school holds seminars by renowned experts in the field and in liaison with beauty art associations.
Major of Design
* Educational Goal
In order to guide future experts, design major offers a global design education system that can be active in all international students to raise global sense to connect with industrial value. Design major cultivate creative students with future competitiveness that combines integrated thinking and in-depth academic ability to create new design values in various fields of design.

* Main fields of study
  - Visual communication design
  - Motion graphic design
  - Interior design
  - Environmental design

* Characteristics
  - Authorized professional faculties in each field
  - Balanced curriculum of theory and practice
  - Content of the courses from marketing to start-up course
  - Degree can be obtained only with credits

* Curriculum



Theoretical lectures

Design Methodology

Digital Process

Studies in Design Planning

Design Research

Design Management

Field Practical Lecture

Design Workshop

Design Studio

Design Practice

Design Project

Forum & Special Lecture

Advanced Theory of Design Culture

Studies in Design Trend

Design Seminar

Independent Study

Independent Study in Thesis

Independent Study in Project

- Thesis Course: 26 credits
- Project Course: 30 credits

* Contact
- Academic advisor: Professor Mija Kim (051-540-7127) /
- Administrative office (051-540-7318)
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