Pursuing Innovation in Basic Education
for Software and Startups in Preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution

The software technologies that enable new levels of convenience are completely changing the world.
Software paves the way to increase economic growth by operating the economic system in a different way which never existed and is shaking the foundation of traditional industries such as shipbuilding and auto manufacturing.
We can feel that software technologies are leading us into the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution that has totally changed people's lives.

The graduates of Wise U(Youngsan University) should be able to develop themselves and the corporations they work for as well.
In today's software saturated society, Wise U(Youngsan University) is providing software education for its students keeping up with current trends.
By grafting software knowledge into their major subject matters, Wise U students will be ready for the new age.
It will be fascinating for Wise U students to create their own products and service through the basic education for startups based on their combined knowledge of software and major subject matters.
Ecological environments for startups are created which will allow all the members involved in education to cooperate and communicate with each other, and produce the product in the best environment.

Those who can go with the flow of world markets in terms of which item they should produce to be successful in the world market.
Those who can convince people that their products are worth purchasing and sell them.
Those who can find out what people really need and produce it.
Those who can do these things are the wise people.
They are the people who have deep confidence in what they know.
They are the people who are confident that what they know and what they can achieve are sure to benefit society.
Major courses at Wise U(Youngsan University) aim to foster true experts in each field of the students.

Knowledge needs to be rooted in reality.
What the business world needs now and what the society needs, what world we are living in, where we are now - these are the questions we need to continue to ask ourselves.
Through the process of introspection, we can have our knowledge rooted in reality.
This is the type of liberal education which Wise U(Youngsan University) strives to achieve.
The type of education in which students are encouraged to ask questions to find the answers for the problems of the world, we believe, is the source of actual creation.

Wise U(Youngsan University) pays respect to the dreams and hopes of the students caring for them and encourages them to pursue their dreams.
The university where students fulfil their dreams learning more practical courses.
Wise U(Youngsan University) is intended to evolve into a prestigious university contributing to the development of the local community and the nation by making every effort to meet the demands of society.

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