On the basis of two school founding ideals, Hong-Ik-In-Gan and Won-Yung-Mu-Ae
Hong-Ik-In-Gan : being good service to the human society
Won-Yung-Mu-Ae : complete harmony and round without edges

As a prestigious private educational institution which has a long history and tradition in Yeongnam area, Sungsim School Foundation has been involved in a variety of public services centered on educational works since it was established in 1973. With the aim of nurturing global elites by promoting academic traditions focusing on practical affairs, the school foundation has grown to a strong mid-sized university for the past 30 years.

The late co-founders, Mr. Bong-Whan Bu and Mrs. Yong-Sook Park, established the school founding ideals of Hong-Ik-In-Gan and Won-Yung-Mu-Ae based on the educational ideal, Ja-Ri-I-Ta which means that people discipline themselves not only for themselves but also for others. Following those founding ideals, Youngsan University pursues to nurture the elites who will contribute to the harmony and development of the human society. The founding ideals of Youngsan University present the ideal vision for nurturing the wise elites who will contribute to the nation, the society, and the humans beyond the present era.

The Sungsim School Foundation will operate Youngsan University for it to pursue its educational programs fulfilling its founding ideals, nurture the elites equipped with practical knowledge needed by the present era, and continue to grow keeping up with the changing world.

The Sungsim School Foundation will be faithful to its role for Youngsan University to move towards the world stage along with the people all over the world and prosper. It will also strive to expand its base for the students, faculty, staff, and alumni to grow.

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